Here is the Debate Template

F2: Remove Returns (Used when a document, usually a PDF, creates a line break at the end of every line.

F3: Bold Cite (Use on authors last name, date, and any other information within a citation you want to read)

F4: Tag (Enlarges and bolds card tags)

F5: Card Text (Takes paragraphs of text and reduces them in size and width on the page. Best if used after paste special to remove formatting and removing returns)

F6: Block Title #1 (Creates a page header visible in the document map)

F7: Block Title #2 (Creates a page header invisible in the document map)

F8: Normal Text (If this macro doesn’t knock out formatting, try the Ctrl-Shift-C Clear Formatting Macro)

F9: Bold Underline (Use for primary highlighting)

F10: Highlight (Use for secondary highlighting)

F11: Box Text (Use to emphasize words and phrases)

F12: Reduce Text (Shrinks Text down to size 6, useful for really long sections of a card you don’t plan on reading)

Ctrl-F2: Erasure (Puts a strikethrough on offensive or easily critiqued language)

Ctrl-F3: Citation (Indents the citation and keeps the font consistent)

Ctrl-Shift-C: Clear Formatting (Probably the most useful macro, it literally will knock out everything. If you use it on specific highlighted segments within a card, it will revert it to the normal card text. If you highlight an entire paragraph, it will revert to normal text)

Ctrl-Shift-V: Paste Special (No Formatting)

Ctrl-Q: Cite formatting (Drops out all but the first and last 6 words, adds " [...] " and clears out formatting. If you go into the macros menu, there’s an option to do it for the entire document, but be careful, because it will condense down every single card)

Ctrl-Shift-D: Delete Block (If on a tag, deletes a card, if on a Block Title #1, kills that entire block)

Ctrl-Shift-6: Reduces all non-formatted text in a card to size 6

Ctrl-Shift-L: Lexis Paste Special (Deletes all the auto-hyperlink info that you can't get out otherwise)

Ctrl-Shift-Page Up: Moves Block Up (If on a tag, moves up the one card, if on a Block Title #1, moves up that entire block)

Ctrl-Shift-Page Down: Moves Block Down (If on a tag, moves down the one card, if on a Block Title #1, moves down that entire block)

Ctrl-Shift-Z: Transfer Block to Reading Document (If on a tag, moves the one card into the second doc, if on a Block Title #1, moves over that entire block)

Ctrl-Shift-X: Transfers Highlighted to Reading Document



Dwight Eisenhower, Former US President, “Why I suck,” Journal of International Politics, Summer 2009 (

Mike Underballz, Secretary of Butt, “That is a Particularly Spicy Meatball,” The Edina Journal of Cake Eatery, May 15th, 2011 (JSTOR)


The New York Times, “TeaBaggery and You,” June 9th, 2011 (