St. Paul Central Traveling Team


Although the Twin Cities is one of the most competitive debate communities in the country, debate also has a national circuit with tournaments located in places like Des Moines, Chicago, Dallas and Berkeley.

The vision of the St. Paul Central Debate team is to compete at 4 or 5 national tournaments per year (not including the post season) as well as competitive tournaments in the Twin Cities. In your novice year you may have the opportunity to travel to tournaments in Iowa and Illinois.

Traveling is an opportunity many of debaters cherish. Not only do you get to see different parts of the country, traveling is lot of fun and national tournaments are great learning experiences. The whole team works together, eats great food around the hotel, and ultimately, makes a lot of memories. During the weekends, you not only get very close with your teammates, but also get to meet and make contacts from other top students from all over the country. Because debaters typically matriculate at top colleges and universities, they enter school with a number of friends they made while being on the national circuit in debate.

David D. Henry, President of the University of Illinois

"The group developed fellowship and team camaraderie which had important by-products for personal growth. The visits to other schools, and travel experience, the living and working together - all under the high expectations of the 'Coach' and his most gently administered but ever firm supervision - made for an individual development which has remained for me a high point in my educational experience. The meaning of scholarship, the 'feel' for the handling of ideas, the fellowship of professional service were for me but some of the outcomes of my debate experience.”